AMI meters
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ADD GRUP announced that its smart meters of the 8th Series have successfully passed certification for compliance with PRIME v 1.3.6 by Tecnalia (Spain) on May 2, 2017.

For ADD GRUP, the certification creates another opportunity to showcase superiority over other types of technologies applicable at the moment. Due to the company’s purposefulness and desire to be ahead of the world in its innovations, the developments are always well-thought out and tested in accordance with the globally established standards.

PRIME technology introduces an acknowledged and accessible telecommunications structure which encourages current and contemporary AMI capabilities. The target of PRIME is to produce a complete assortment of international principles which will allow for full interoperability among equipment and systems from different providers.

Having received the certificate from Spain’s TECNALIA, who have more than 1,500 expects in the research field and 230 people in its Energy Unit that are deeply devoted to studies in the energy sector, makes ADD GRUP both proud and eager to go on with its progresses.

ADDAX around the worldsmart meters

ADDAX meters based on PRIME have already gained recognition and appraisal in Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria where this instrument has shown impeccable results against rival technologies.

The new generation of smart meters designed by ADD GRUP has a wider functionality which combines both measuring and communication parts. With the help of the STCOMET platform, a device that integrates a PLC modem, metrology functions and high-performance application core.

The PLC modem architecture has been designed to target compliant PLC applications. Together with the application core, it enables the STCOMET to support PRIME and other narrowband PLC protocol specifications. The metrology sub-system is suitable for various metering applications. ADD GRUP has also worked out an opportunity to switch from one technology to another (from PRIME 1.3.6 version onto 1.4 and to G3-PLC).

The new functions were mastered on the following models of smart meters: AD11B, AD13B, AD13A, which are: 1-phase meter, 3-phase meter with direct connection and 3-phase meter with transformer connection.

The news about the certification process ADD GRUP has completed was highly appraised by ADD GRUP’s partners who are interested in trying out the new technology and benefits from all the functionalities it grants. It is the beginning of a new chapter that will help to make the world energy market better.

*Information and image provided by ADD GRUP