Actaris backs Iberdrola’s prime project

Actaris recently announced the development of products compliant with the PRIME protocol (PoweR Intelligent Metering Evolution). PRIME is a project developed by the Spanish energy company, Iberdrola, with the objective of establishing a comprehensive set of standards for an open, public and standard AMI (Automatic Meter Infrastructure) for the PLC.

Iberdrola has been working extensively over the past few years to define and test a new open, public and non-proprietary Power Line Communications telecom architecture that supports smart metering functionality and also allows smart grid evolution.

PRIME is a Physical and Mac layer standard definition based on emerging technologies that will respond to future markets. It is an open system that will allow interoperability between equipment from different manufacturers and will also ensure the growth of new markets so that all players, particularly the end-user, will benefit from this approach.

“Actaris is pleased to join forces with Iberdrola on this project. Actaris is committed to the development of open, non-proprietary solutions based on DLMS COSEM and we are convinced that our contribution will be decisive in the success of this project,” explained Patrick Mortel, Actaris PLC Product Manager.