Adelaide and Manchester partner for EU smart cities programme


The South Australian city has been paired with Manchester in the UK. Adelaide is viewed as a strong partner with smart city potential.

The city launched an Internet of Things innovation hub in conjunction with tech conglomerate Cisco, as well as its Ten Gigabit City project, aimed at making the city a high-speed internet zone.

Adelaide also has a $4.6 million programme in place to offer internet services faster than the national average for businesses within innovation precincts.

City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese was reported saying: “[Adelaide’s participation in the programme] will demonstrate to the world our capacity to embrace new technology and explore great ideas, as well as provide an opportunity for the City of Adelaide to be a global leader in sustainability and responding to environmental change.”

Low carbon economy

“The world is taking action to limit carbon pollution and it is great to see to Adelaide recognised for its leadership in emissions reductions and renewable energy,” said Climate change minister Ian Hunter.

He added that Adelaide’s acceptance into the programme was an acknowledgement of its efforts toward developing a low-carbon economy.

Smart cities growing globally

According to a report released by Navigant Research last year revealed that the number of smart cities projects globally had grown from 170 in Q3 of 2013 to 235 in 2016.

Navigant cites continued investment in technologies and policies such as smart grids, smart street lighting, urban mobility, climate action plans, open data platforms as well as water management and smart parking are all factors contributing to the growing market for smart city developments.

It adds that an increase in innovation in product and solution offerings from suppliers, and partnerships formed between various stakeholders within the smart city industry, are also stimulating development and progress within the market.

Ryan Citron, research analyst with Navigant Research, said: “The expansion of smart city projects is happening not only in terms of the quantity of projects being developed, but also in relation to the level and variety of integration being pursued.

He adds: “This expansion is expected to increase as governments continue to recognize the tremendous associated benefits of smart cities, including improved economic opportunity, sustainability, and quality of life.” Read more…


Image credit: Shutterstock