US smart grid company Apex CoVantage has announced a new managing director for Europe and Africa as part of a big push into these regions ahead of mandated government roll outs of smart meters.

Apex, which provides meter replacement and network equipment installation, has tasked Anthony Howells, former vice president of business development in the US, to build sales channels and partnerships, and ensure safety and quality standards are met in the two emerging markets, the company confirmed.

Chief executive of Apex CoVantage Shashi Gupta said: “Howells has spent the majority of his tenure with Apex becoming an industry-recognized expert in smart metering, AMI, MDM, and other smart grid technologies.

“He has worked on some of North America’s most recognized and successful smart grid projects, and will leverage his vast knowledge and expertise to drive growth overseas.”

Mr Gupta added that Europe and Africa are future hotbeds for smart grid modernisation and two regions of particular interest to Apex with consideration to global expansion strategy.

Over the next ten years, hundreds of millions of meters throughout Europe will be retrofitted with smart units.

Government mandates in the UK, Austria and the Netherlands will require all electric and gas meters to be upgraded to smart meters.

Apex predicts that in Africa, countries will likely bypass older technologies, in favour of advanced smart grid solutions.

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