Battery storage tech market in Sub Saharan Africa


Frost & Sullivan’s new analysis, Future, and Impact of Power Storage in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), 2017, provides an assessment of the battery storage technology market in SSA through to 2023.

According to Neeraj Sanjay Mense, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan: “The development of mini-grids is one of the key drivers for the adoption of battery storage systems in SSA. This does, however, present its own set of challenges,”

“To make mini-grids truly successful, they have to be backed by adequate power storage capabilities.”

The most significant applications of battery storage include renewable energy-based off-grid power systems for rural electrification and all-round electricity access.

Commercial and industrial opportunities include powering telecommunication towers and providing a clean and sustainable source of power for off-grid requirements.

According to Frost and Sullivan, the region has witnessed an increase in use of renewable energy solutions. This is driving an increase in operational expenditure and reduced costs in the wind and solar pv markets.

Large power users including players in the mining industry are eagerly  pursuing renewable generation to meet power requirements. This has resulted in increased use of onsite battery storage solutions to ensure a continuous supply of quality power.

The report further provides an overview of the various battery chemistries currently employed in SSA.


Image credit: 123rf.