Bluetooth SIG releases kit for IoT developers

Bluetooth SIG
The Bluetooth SIG developer kit includes several features, including a drag-and-drop user interface, sample codes, virtual and physical device testing and built-in tutorials for rapid deployment

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the body that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of its technologies, has announced the availability of its Bluetooth Developer Studio kit for IoT developers.

According to ComputerWeekly, devices are being connected to IoT networks at a rapid pace, and notes that the rise of smart home and wearable technologies means that IoT is demanding increasing connectivity – oftentimes connected via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth SIG created the developer studio as a no-cost software-based development kit, aimed at helping developers learn Bluetooth technology quickly and bring IoT products to market faster.

Steve Hegenderfer, director of developer programmes, at Bluetooth SIG, said: “The Bluetooth Developer Studio arms developers with an all-in-one, cost-efficient tool to turn their ideas into reality. With it they can create products and applications that make our lives easier, better, smarter.

“With Bluetooth Developer Studio, not only will we see more smart gadgets enter the market, we will see quality products that ‘just work’ delivering the IoT experience consumers actually want.”

Bluetooth SIG development kit features

The Bluetooth Developer Studio Kit includes several features such as a drag-and-drop user interface, sample codes, virtual and physical device testing as well as built-in tutorials for faster deployment. The tool also makes it possible to share reference designs and utilise proven implementations created by other.

In August, UK energy management firm, Frontline launched a Bluetooth low energy Innovator Suite product – a combination tool and services bundle designed to help Bluetooth Smart developers (Bluetooth low energy) create devices for Internet of Things applications.

Bluetooth Smart can be used for multiple applications from wearable technology to the connected home to the connected car.

The Ireland-based company offers manufacturing giants such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic Bluetooth wireless technology testing tools and the first to offer a Bluetooth low energy protocol analyser.

The analyser allows the homeowner to capture Bluetooth data where ever they can take their laptop, without being restricted to a power outlet.

Developers of Bluetooth Smart enabled products have both the tools they need to efficiently debug and troubleshoot their implementation in the lab.

Paul Russell, vice president of Engineering Services said that, “developers of Bluetooth Smart devices need to know their devices are going to be interoperable and reliable – working the first time and every time.

He added: “Using the Innovator Suite gives our customers confidence that their products will work correctly, having been tested not only in their own labs but by Frontline as well. It is an extremely cost effective way to test products, especially for smaller or new-to-Bluetooth companies.”