Call for more meters for compound houses


Accra, Ghana — (METERING.COM) — 18 August 2008 – A request to the Ghanian Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) to encouraged the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to install more meters into compound houses has been made by Ransford Tetteh, President of the Ghana Journalists Association.  

He was speaking at the inaugural meeting of the PURC press corps in Accra, Ghana’s capital.  The PURC press corps was formed to educate the public of their rights and the responsibility of utilities. Mr Tetteh said single meters in compound houses were hampering government initiatives to lower the cost burden on low income homes.  

He believes the provision of more meters in compounds would "enable consumers in the lower income bracket to benefit from government’s policy to reduce the burden on low income earners through the introduction of lifeline rates."  He called on the journalists to expose inefficiencies within the utility sector as a way to encourage service improvement.

“Water and electricity were critical drivers of development in any society and every effort must be made to ensure that the services were available and affordable at all times,” he said.