City of Cape Town and BC Hydro implement SAP AMI Integration for Utilities

Cape Town, South Africa, Vancouver, BC, Canada and Madrid, Spain — (METERING.COM) — April 23, 2012 – The Electricity Service Department of the City of Cape Town and BC Hydro are implementing their smart meter programs with back end integration to SAP Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Integration for Utilities software.

In the case of Cape Town, the implementation is the first in South Africa, with the focus in the first phase on large commercial and industrial customers. Information on customer energy usage is collected from smart meters and stored in a meter data unification system (MDUS) provided by local company Elster Kent.

In the case of BC Hydro, the implementation is with an MDUS from Itron. With BC Hydro planning to install 1.8 million smart meters, the implementation is one of the largest with this software.

SAP AMI Integration for Utilities facilitates the continuous exchange of master and transactional data between MDUS and SAP for Utilities solutions. This information is then used in business processes such as invoicing and customer service or for analysis of energy consumption.