Smart water meters: US city agrees to rollout of 34,000 units


According to Texomas, Ameresco will replace the city’s existing 34,000 water meters with new smart water meters and related infrastructure.

In completing the US$16m project, Witchita Falls predicts it will gain a revenue increase and operational cost savings of more than US$1m a year, reported Times Record.

Jim Dockery, Witchita Falls deputy city manager said: “The savings will come through lower labor and other costs associated with meter reading and replacement. We will gain additional revenue from an increase in meter accuracy.”

The project will start off with the installation of infrastructure for a radio communication system.

The first phase is expected to last two to three months.

[quote] Two hundred smart water meters will be installed daily. The second phase of the project is expected to be completed within next 12-18 months.

Dockery added: “We’re not raising rates to pay for this system.”

The AMI will allow customers access to a portal website to view their water usage on an hourly basis as well as setting of parameters for electronic notifications if their water usage varies from a normal range.

Smart water meters in the Middle East

Meanwhile in the United Arab Emirates, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) this week announced that it has replaced 40,000 water meters with smart water meters as part of phase one of a four-year upgrade plan.

The National reported FEWA wants to complete installing a total of 200,000 smart water meters in its service territory.