Creating an integrated “˜smart island’


Doha, Qatar — (METERING.COM) — June 6, 2007 – The Pearl-Qatar, a multi-billion dollar offshore island and one of the largest real estate developments in the country, will become the most technologically advanced real estate project in the world.

The Pearl-Qatar is the largest island in Qatar’s waters. During the two-year land reclamation process, four million square meters of new land were created with a 32-kilometer shoreline, three coves, and navigable canals, in addition to numerous other features. The Pearl-Qatar is the country’s first international real estate venture, and will be home to approximately 40,000 residents in more than 15,000 dwellings by 2010.

“Our strategy is to maximize the integration of complex world class technology systems to provide information and services to our customers. This will be a ‘world first’ and is unique in a mega project such as The Pearl Qatar,” said David Cannon – General Manager for Operations at United Development Company (UDC), owner and developer of The Pearl-Qatar.

“What is really exciting about The Pearl-Qatar is that the island has been conceptualized and designed with the future in mind. We are creating a truly integrated ‘Smart Island’,” said Hussain Naimi, Manager of Information Technology for UDC. “We have focused on developing an extensive, high quality, fiber optic infrastructure network, which means that the island will always be ‘future-ready’. So as wireless and hard-wire products evolve and advance, The Pearl-Qatar will always be ahead of the game.”

The Pearl-Qatar’s concept for a ‘smart island’ will include the latest technology in advanced security systems for audio, video and data, building management systems, metering, and energy monitoring. Services will range from smart-card system technology to user-friendly home entertainment systems. Residents will also be able to access broadband wireless internet from all across the island, making it one of the largest WiFi and WiMax networks in the world.

The island will use a modern enterprise resource planning system (ERP) which integrates systems and applications, creating a more efficient and smarter synergy. The smart systems are supported by the latest mechanical and electrical technological baseline critical systems, with a centralized Operational Control and Command Centre, backed up by a Contingency Operational Platform. This is underpinned by a 24 * 365 call center operation; where support staff interact with the customers to deliver the highest quality of service.