Israeli and the US partnership modernise data communications network


A company statement explained that the IEC is partnering with Ciena to upgrade its data communications network, efforts to improve operational efficiency as the energy company adopts new utility business models.

The modernisation of the network will increase its resiliency from both internal and external threats in addition to increasing the speed at which data is communicated.

The development will allow the IEC to improve management of grid network, reduce power interruptions and improve its services to 2.72 million consumers. The upgrade will enable the IEC to deploy smart grid and IoT solutions.

The US-based global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment is providing the state owned utility with the company’s IoT communications suite 6500 Packet-Optical Platform comprising WaveLogic Encryption for data security during telemetry without affecting the performance of the network.

The energy provider will use the Blue Planet’s Manage and Control and Plan (MCP) software to centralise management of network and end-to-end service provisioning and planning. The project will allow the IEC to increase the amount of data communicated at a single time between data centres, field workers and consumers.

According to a statement, the network upgrade will help the IEC to reduce operational costs and network complexity.

Yosi Shneck, senior vice president, Israel Electric Corporation, commented: “Transitioning our network from legacy systems to a high-capacity OTN core at a very high bandwidth is critical. An optical transmission infrastructure is increasingly important for the company’s day-to-day functionality. The new technology will enable 100Gb and 200Gb to operate at a very high speed without sacrificing network performance, control and management, reliability or data protection.”

Shneck continued: “In seeking a solution, we have selected Ciena’s packet optical platform and management software which suits our current and future needs from a technological, innovation and cost-benefit perspective.”

Virginie Hollebecque, vice president of regional sales in EMEA, Ciena, added: “Utilities today find themselves at a critical juncture with no choice but to prepare their networks to address new challenges in the industry such as changing consumer behavior and the growing threat of security breaches.”


Image Credit: 123rf.