Electric-powered earthmoving trucks: A revolution has begun


There is a global mandate for all industrial businesses to reduce their carbon footprint – and in coming years this requisite will become government instituted policy.

There are many areas across a mine site that offer the potential to improve their environmental impact, and with the rapid onset of technology, this now includes electric powered heavy-duty trucks, IDEANOMICS head of communications and investor relations TONY SKLAR tells LAURA CORNISH.

While the concept of a heavy-duty mine truck, powered by an EV battery, seems a difficult concept to believe, particularly in South Africa whose uptake of electric vehicles is somewhat slower than in other first world countries, it can be done and highlights that within the industrial space, the world is entering the start of a new revolution in this field.

This article first appeared on our sister website, Mining Review Africa. Read the full article about electric-powered trucks and how the drive to net zero is revolutionising the mining sector.