SEWA progresses with rollout of LED streetlights


In the United Arab Emirates, the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) announced the installation of some 100 energy efficient streetlights under its energy efficiency and clean energy programme.

The 100 LED solar-powered streetlights have been installed in the utility’s service territory in the district of Khor Fakkan to mark an end of the programme in the district.

In total, SEWA has replaced 1,200 traditional streetlights with solar-powered LED models since the launch of the programme throughout the utility’s service territories.

The use of the solar-powered LED streetlights is expected to help reduce energy costs and falls under efforts to protect the environment through the adoption of sustainable technologies.

Dr Rashid Al Leem, chairman of SEWA, said: “The SEWA is using eco-friendly, energy-efficiency lamps and lighting solutions as part of its policy of using renewable energy and ensuring optimum utilisation of resources, in compliance with energy conservation principles of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and International Standardisation Organisation’s ISO:50001, which promotes using energy efficiently to help organisations save money, as well as conserve resources and tackle climate change.”

Energy efficient streetlights elsewhere

Meanwhile, in India the Kerala City Corporation made an announcement that it will install some 38,600 LED streetlights before the end of this year.

The announcement follows the city council making a payment of $1.4 million for the Kerala State Electricity Board to install some 20,000 LED lights.

An additional $1.4 million in payment has been made for the installation of 18,600 LED streetlights under the Peoples Planning project. The project is an initiative designed by the Kerala state in 1996 to allow municipalities and cities within the state to independently plan and implement programmes under efforts to decentralise power.

In addition, Kerala city spent up to $155,872 towards the purchase of spare parts to replace damaged streetlights, reported the Times of India.

While in the US state of Washington, the Clark Public Utilities is investing up to $2.6 million towards the replacement of some 23,000 high-pressure sodium bulbs with energy efficient LED streetlights.

The new streetlight bulbs are being installed in phases in partnership with electrical installer DJ’s Electrical. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.