Envision Energy aims to create global energy platform

Chinese company Envision Energy aims to create a global ecosystem whereby all energy actors are connected to each other on a single, digital platform.

According to Bloomberg Technology, Envision Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Lei Zhang laid out a vision for the company to serve as an “enabler” that’ll promote digitalization in the energy industry.

In an interview, Zhang also announced alliances with companies including Microsoft and Accenture – companies that also supporters and enablers of digitalisation in the energy sector.

Blommberg reports that the company’s vision will see solar and wind farms, power plants, utilities, big electricity customers and all of the application and software developers that support them connected to each other on a single, digital platform.

Zhang explained that the ecosystem is about “connecting so many assets around the world so that any application developer can plug in like the Apple Store. We’re helping them reach more customers.”

Shanghai-based Envision Energy is best known for its wind business, but the company has already offered a platform for power generators for years as part of its digital-services unit.

Developers that have linked to it include Sonnen GmbH and AutoGrid. The system already manages about 100 gigawatts of power resources, with the majority of that being wind, solar and storage resources.

The company’s goal now is to “go beyond renewables, go beyond generation,” said zhang. “We are thinking about it holistically -generation, distribution, consumption.”

Clean energy

In related news, Envision Energy and RE developer ViveEnergia were awarded a power purchase contract by Mexico’s state-owned electric utility CFE.

A strategic agreement signed last year between the Chinese manufacturer (Envision Energy) and ViveEnergia marks China’s largest direct investment in Mexico in the sector.

The partnership allowed the two companies to put forward a highly competitive bid for a 90 MW wind farm in Mexico’s first power auction.

Awarding of the ‘Energia Renovable de la Peninsula’ project forms part of Mexico’s Independent System Operator’s Electricity, Power and Clean Energy Certificates Auction.

The operator’s auction activities were initiated in support of the country’s restructuring of its energy markets, opening up its state-run monopolies in the oil and electricity industries to foreign investors. Read more…