Eskom implements load curtailment solution


Cape Town, South Africa — (METERING.COM) – June 01, 2007 – South African national utility Eskom is implementing Itron’s Curtailment Manager demand response solution in order to scale-up its load curtailment program with large customers.

The solution is being implemented by South African utility IT application provider Enerweb – an implementation partner of Itron – and will enable Eskom to scale up its demand market participation (DMP) program currently involving a handful of the largest customers to include many hundreds of additional customers.

Under the program interruptible load agreements are put in place with these customers, who agree to have their load curtailed by the utility, in return for financial compensation.

To date the DMP program has achieved over 600 MW of load curtailment.

The project has come about as a result of South Africa’s peak annual demand coming close to the current generation capacity and power outages becoming more frequent across the country. As a result voluntary load curtailment has become a primary strategy to mitigate the impacts of supply shortage.

Initially the scaled up program will be targeted at customers with loads greater than 1 MW, but it is envisaged that ultimately any customer with flexible load, including a standby generator, would be able to participate. Participating customers must be enabled with automated meter reading.

Enerweb’s turnkey solution, which includes the Curtailment Manager application, provides for bid capturing through meter data acquisition and financial settlement.

The announcement of the implementation was made during Metering, Billing/CRM Africa and African Utility Week 2007, which is currently taking place in Cape Town, South Africa.