Iran improves management of gas network with new SCADA tech


According to the Financial Tribune, the company is investing up to $3 million towards the installation of the SCADA software and related infrastructure including sensors to improve management of the national gas distribution network.

The project is expected to last for two years and will help the company improve collection of data regarding the performance of its gas distribution assets.

The SCADA system will provide the Iranian Oil and Telecommunications Company with real-time data on the flow and pressure of the gas being distributed in its pipelines.

The installation of the SCADA falls under efforts by the company to reduce non-revenue expenses incurred due to leaking gas pipes, especially in remote areas. The programme will help reduce operational expenses used in the manual inspection of the gas distribution network.

The development comes as the Iranian Oil and Gas Company plans to expand its gas distribution network with the development of 6,000 kilometres of gas pipelines nationwide.

The expansion of the gas distribution network by 6,000km will increase the country’s total gas pipelines to 40,000km.

Management of gas distribution network

Partnerships between international organisations and gas distribution network operators have helped improve the availability of funding to modernise grid networks.

Last month, the Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company, the largest gas utility in Bangladesh, announced plans to equip its 260,000 residential customers with prepaid gas meters as from the first quarter of 2018 using funds secured from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and the government of Bangladesh.

The programme will cover the utility’s consumers Gas in Dhaka and Chittagong and is expected to cost $119 million.

The installation of the prepaid gas meters will be carried out over a period of two years and is aimed at helping Titas Gas to improve its revenue collection by accurately billing its customers. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.