Genius Box launched to network home appliances and power sources


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — (METERING.COM) — June 24, 2010 – A Bluetooth enabled network device dubbed the Genius Box which networks home appliances with local power sources has been introduced by Dubai-based next generation energy technology developer Axial Vector Energy Corporation.

The Genius Box monitors and intelligently controls the start up and shutdown of individual Bluetooth networked home appliances (e.g. pool equipment, air conditioners, electric dryers, electric water heaters, etc.) during peak hours. The device also coordinates the selective start up and shutdown of local solar, wind and utility supply to optimize power generation credits, load balance, and reduce peak rate demand on the public power grid.

Each networked appliance and each local power generation source can be configured inexpensively to report its status and power consumption. The Genius Box then weighs the cost of utility power, local power, or the combination of the two, with the need for running certain appliances, and it can apply selective appliance shutdown when each is receiving utility generated power.

The Genius Box is expandable, extensible and easily upgraded, and can be used to control a single home or scaled up to well over 5,000 network homes on a single microgrid. The Genius Box also can be used in a variety of venues, from residential to industrial to stand-alone. The device connects to the local area computer network while communicating with power grid components wirelessly. All of its functions are automated but can be manually overridden via a web or iPhone application.

“We’re excited about this higher margin, higher inventory turnover, lower unit cost, commercial off the shelf network control box,” said AVEC chairman Sam Higgins. “It will allow end users the ability to take control of their power consumption, power bills and power generation.”

AVEC said in a statement that it will make an announcement on availability shortly. In addition the company plans to release a companion product in the near future.