Global smart meters: Linky installation plus DEWA rollout

ERDF awards contracts for Linky smart meter installation
In August 2014, ERDF appointed six meter manufacturers including Itron to make the first three million Linky smart meters for deployment from mid-2015

In Europe, France’s electricity grid operator ERDF last month awarded contracts for the first installations of Linky smart meters.

ERDF selected 16 installation companies through a European-wide tender process.

The companies – Agiscom, ERS, LS services Sera Airria, Atlan’tech, GMV, OTI, Setelen, Chavinier, Parera, Phinelec, SFATD, DSTPE, Elec Link Solutions , Satelec and the European group listed company 30 Solutions – will install nearly a third of the total 35 million Linky smart electric meters.

Installation work will begin in the second half of 2015 and continue until late 2021, according to a French news report.

EDRF is predicting three million Linky meters will be deployed by the year of 2015.

The uniquely French smart meter scheme is estimated to cost between €5-6 billion but is predicated to create 10,000 jobs in France, reported.

Smart electricity meters

In the Middle East, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) in the United Arab Emirates has announced 200,000 installed smart meters will be operational by January 2016.

The first phase of deployment represents one fifth of the overall target of one million meters by 2020.

The smart meters project complements the smart grid project by DEWA to modernise its electricity grid by using the latest SCADA systems, smart monitoring and control automation systems.

Maine anti-smart meter group

While in the US, the supreme court in the state of Maine will have the final say on whether smart meter pose a public health risk.

The decision to defer the case to the supreme court follows a 2.5 year investigation by Maine Public Utilities Commission, Central Maine Power Company and the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.

The court will soon begin its August recess, so oral arguments are not expected to be scheduled until Q3 2015.