Hybrid mesh solution released for smart buildings

hybrid mesh technology
Greenvity states that its hybrid mesh communication technology is able to determine the best medium – wireless or power line communication – depending on the conditions

Global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) applications Greenvity Communications has launched its hybrid mesh technology for smart energy solutions in commercial and industrial buildings.

Greenvity said in a statement this week that its mesh networking technology provides a reliable communications link for commercial building and industrial applications such as smart lighting, energy management, security and machine-to-machine communications, and comprises hybrid mesh technology on a single chip using mixed-medium IEEE 802.15.4 wireless and wide-band power line communication (PLC).

This enables network connectivity that penetrates concrete walls, extends range and covers entire buildings, the company said.

According to Hung Nguyen, chief executive officer of Greenvity: “Lighting and security applications require a higher level of link reliability than other IoT products and the communication between these devices needs to be virtually always-connected.”

Greenvity supplies a wide range of mesh communication modules that are integrated into commercial and industrial building applications such as air conditioners, heaters, appliances, solar inverters, energy management and home/building security.

It also enables on, off, dimming and colour tuning that can control all LED and non-LED lights.

Hybrid mesh technology

Greenvity said in a company statement that “hybrid mesh technology is the mixed-medium operation and algorithm between wireless and PLC that supports multiple hops for range extension, bridging and self-healing.”

It adds that up to now, standard methods of mesh networking have been restricted to wireless only or single medium.

The hybrid mesh solution offered to commercial and industrial building owners relies on an algorithm to make decisions on whether wireless or powerline communication is the best medium in the current environment.