Industrial Defender and Itron form new partnership


Industrial Defender, a global leader in industrial Internet security, has formed a partnership with Itron that will integrate the company’s Security Event Management (SEM) technology with Itron’s OpenWay advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Specifically, Itron will use Industrial Defender’s unique abilities to monitor and manage data compiled by its OpenWay Centron smart meters.

Industrial Defender’s comprehensive Cyber Risk Protection solution allows for cyber security risks to be assessed and mitigated throughout critical internal networks. The company’s technology has been implemented more than 8,000 times around the world, including more than 3,000 SCADA deployments critical to business operations. Industrial Defender also provides managed services for more than 160 locations in 21 countries.

Itron’s OpenWay smart meter brand enables true smart grid technology by providing built-in data communications in an open platform complying with industry-accepted standards. An installed OpenWay network will allow for efficient energy transmission, distributed renewable energy generation, and energy conservation programmes that will save consumers money while reducing the production of carbon emissions.

By enhancing the security already built into the Itron system, the ID300B SEM platform from Industrial Defender will provide the level of security needed for bidirectional data communications in a true smart grid. Itron’s choice of Industrial Defender to fulfil this security requirement is natural considering the company was the first to offer a fully-integrated cyber security solution that will protect industrial control systems and the entire supervisory control and data acquisition environment (SCADA).

Coupled with the new technology built into Itron’s smart meters, the system will meet the most stringent security requirement demands of the largest utility companies.

“Advanced metering infrastructure has the potential to significantly transform key aspects of the utility business. As a cornerstone of an Intelligent Grid, AMI also has the potential of making the grid more vulnerable to cyber attacks,” said Zarko Sumic, Vice President and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “Consequently, a common understanding of security implications and common cyber security framework must be established across diverse organisations during an Intelligent Grid effort.”

“Itron is dedicated to providing the most robust security available to protect our utility customers and their end users,” said Russ Vanos, Vice President of Marketing for Itron. “Industrial Defender’s solution provides a complete security event management capability specific to AMI, further enhancing our energy management and measurement technologies as we work toward development of the Smart Grid.”

“As a leading technology provider to global energy and water companies, Itron is empowering bulk electricity providers to more effectively monitor, control, and report on security and performance information,” said Brian M. Ahern, president and CEO, Industrial Defender. “By leveraging Industrial Defender’s control system and SCADA expertise, Itron is now able to focus on enabling the Smart Grid, providing operational efficiencies, and allowing endcustomer participation in energy management and conservation efforts.”