Integrated solution streamlines billing and payment processes in the United Arab Emirates


Jumeirah Lake Towers,
one of Palm Utilities
projects in the UAE
(METERING.COM) — November 10, 2008 – Palm Utilities, which provided services to the largest and most prestigious developments in the Arabian Gulf, has recently deployed Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing as the company continues to strengthen its support facilities for its quickly expanding business operations.  The new solution is expected to benefit Palm Utilities’ current 7,000 customers and provide the flexibility to accommodate an expected 250,000 new clients within the next four years.

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing will help Palm Utilities to solve the vast majority of customer issues within the first contact.  Additionally, the company will have the ability to effectively and efficiently manage each facet of the customer care process, including metering, billing, collections and credit management for the company’s chilled water supply, portable water supply, sewerage services, treated effluent services and polished water (a virtually tasteless and odorless water with all dissolved solids removed) services.

The new solutions are expected to underscore Palm Utilities’ reputation for emphasizing reliability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in providing services to the largest and most prestigious developments in the Arabian Gulf.  Integrating Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing with Palm Utilities’ automatic meter reading (AMR)-enabled modules, which are pre-installed at most customer premises, will also help dramatically reduce time-consuming manual billing processes and ultimately enable lower costs.  The integrated solution will also allow Palm Utilities to pull real-time usage data from meters into the customer care and billing application to deliver fewer estimated customer bills and enhance customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the Oracle application can benefit clients in multi-story buildings whose common areas such as entrances, staircases and garages do not have separate meters, requiring Palm Utilities to use a specific formula to calculate the energy consumption charge, and then pro-rate and bill it to individual apartment occupants.  Oracle enables Palm Utilities to develop an interface to manage this calculation and charge allocation to shorten the collection cycle, ultimately benefiting the end-users.