Intel’s new IoT platform helps smart devices talk in the cloud

The Intel Quark processors integrated as part of the platform, provides a low-power silicon solution which allows devices to operate in high temperature environments

US-based semiconductor company Intel has introduced a new Internet of Things platform reference architecture, as well as hardware and software products, adding to its offerings in the IoT marketplace.

The IoT platform includes two reference architectures and a portfolio of products from Intel and its ecosystem.

The Intel products included as part the IoT platform include its Quark processors, operating system with cloud suite and analytics capabilities for smart and secure connections in the cloud.

According to Software Development Times, the IoT platform will act as a blueprint for delivering new energy innovations to market faster by reducing complexity and defining how smart devices will connect and share data in the cloud.

German software corporation SAP is reportedly the first company to introduce its Internet of Things solutions, based on Intel’s new IoT platform.

Intel low-power silicon processors

Intel’s Quark processor provides a lower-power silicon solution for intelligent devices and allows them to operate in high-temperature environments.

Intel’s Quark SE SoC for IoT “offers an integrated sensor hub as well as pattern matching technology to deliver real-time insights from complex sensor data at the very edge of IoT,” reports Software Development Times.

The integrated operating system included in Intel’s IoT platform, provided by Intel subsidiary and embedded system software provider Wind River, is designed to help makers and commercial developers simplify and accelerate IoT application and device development.

The platform also opens the way for a wide range of individuals who want to participate in IoT development. The platform will also make way to full commercialisation from experimentation to development of IoT solutions.

With regard to delivering key information, the media report said: “A key ingredient to the new Intel IoT Platform is the Trusted Analytics Platform, which helps make data actionable and can be integrated in an end-to-end IoT solution.”