IoT connectivity group unveils Thread certification programme

Thread Group members include ARM, Big Ass Fans, Freescale Semiconductor, Nest Labs, OSRAM, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Labs, Somfy, Tyco and Yale Security

The Thread Group, an organisation representing in-home IoT device manufacturers, has launched phase one of its product certification programme to promote the interoperability of Thread-enabled devices.

The certification programme for Thread, a new wireless networking protocol for home use, will be conducted in conjunction with the Thread Group’s security testing partner, UL.

The safety and compliance organisation will use software stacks from semiconductor providers ARM, Freescale and Silicon Labs to test more than 30 products and components from the Thread Group’s members to ensure all Thread products “work together effortlessly and securely right out of the box”.

According to a company statement, the Thread testing will also be used to validate device behaviour for commissioning networking functionality, security and operation in Thread’s work.

Chris Boross, president of the Thread Group, said: “We are taking another major step in bringing Thread certified products to market, and ensuring that they are tested for quality, security and interoperability.

“This is great news for our 210 member companies, who are anxious to start using Thread in their products.”

Interoperability for connected home tech

The IoT group has also recently welcomed European lighting company OSRAM to its board of directors.

The move is expected to assist Thread in expanding its reach in the European market.

As a Thread member, OSRAM expects that its products will integrate seamlessly with other IoT companies.

Geert van der Meer, senior vice president of digital systems at OSRAM, said: “Being a part of the Thread Group will significantly strengthen our effort to drive innovative and sustainable lighting solutions that can enhance any environment.

“It provides an unprecedented opportunity for OSRAM to collaborate with other visionaries and be on the front lines of driving smart solutions beyond energy savings.”