iPERL smart water metering endpoint now available outside North America


Peter Mainz,
President & CEO,
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 27, 2012 – The iPERL(TM) smart water metering endpoint has now been introduced for markets outside of North America by Sensus.

This version of the iPERL is aimed to set a new standard in efficient water measurement and low flow accuracy and unlock the full potential of smart water networks for utilities and their customers.

Using a specially designed flow tube and remanent magnetic technology, the iPERL captures very low flows for improved leak detection and conservation of resources. It has no moving parts, which coupled with a solid state design, ensures perpetual accuracy over the full life of the product.

“The iPERL is the cornerstone of our solution for enabling global smart water networks,” said Peter Mainz, Sensus CEO and president. “The technology has been proven in deployments across North America.”

The iPERL endpoint is constructed with recyclable materials including a composite, no lead body and is available in various diameters and lengths for use in residential and commercial applications. It includes an integrated communications capability that is configurable to meet the requirements of unique global markets.