Iskra meters move into Africa


Slovenia-based metering equipment manufacturers Iskraemeco recently signed an agreement confirming ALSTOM Protection & Control (P&C) as the sole distributors in southern Africa of Iskra products and systems. The Iskra brand is well-established globally, with all products quality approved by the IEC and recognised by major certification bodies such as Ofgem in the UK and KEMA and NMI in The Netherlands.

The agreement will allow P&C to cater for all types of metering applications, from simple electro-mechanical meters for small commercial enterprises and domestic applications to a variety of specialised electronic meters and systems, including high precision meters, meter test equipment and automatic meter reading (AMR) systems for use by utilities and industrial plants. Iskra, the sixth largest supplier of meters and metering systems internationally and the third largest in Europe, is one of the leading players worldwide in AMR systems. /