Johannesburg smart meter contract for Itron


Johannesburg, South Africa and Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 19, 2012 – The City of Johannesburg has awarded an approximately $150 million smart meter contract to Itron, in collaboration with the Edison Power Group.

The engagement will require Itron to supply its latest generation smart meters and associated smart metering system to City Power, tying into the City of Johannesburg’s stated growth and development strategy to improve service delivery and efficiency through network automation.

Key to the solution will be the empowerment of City Power’s customers, allowing them to better manage their electricity usage and take steps to save energy, as well as money, on their utility bills. A further element is the more pervasive application of the city’s demand side management initiative. Central to the entire project is a significant investment in black economic empowerment, skills development and expanded localized support capacity.

“We have established a clear strategy and plan to develop skills and ensure local sustainability,” said Sindi Mzamo, chief executive officer of Edison Power Group. “We are all in this for the long haul.”

The award was based on a thorough evaluation of the submitted bid and Itron’s field results in various similar solutions throughout the world.