Aura Energy, owners of Jos Electricity Distribution Company has invested N210 million into IT, metering and billing infrastructure.

Umar Bello, Executive Director (Operations Support) says that transformer energy analyzers would be procured in order to determine and curb energy losses, while also improving efficiency in distribution of electricity.

According to Bello, AF-Mercados EMI, a specialist consultancy firm, carried out an audit on its behalf. The audit highlighted that it was necessary to reduce the inefficiencies within the system.

He said it was discovered that Jos distribution company had about 400 000 customers as against the 274 000 initially indicated during the privatisation process.

The new investors will install in the region of 70 000 meters by the end of the year. Additionally, he disclosed that several call and service centers had been established as steps to improve service delivery.

In disclosing some of the company’s future plans, Bello revealed that the company has initiated plans to explore embedded generation in each of the States within the Distribution Company’s coverage.  Jos Disco covers Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi and Benue states.

JEDC is currently selling between 5MW to 20MW, which is far below the demand of 300 MW. He disclosed that JEDC intends to explore hydro-based electricity plants in Gombe State and gas-driven electricity plants in Yankari and Bauchi in order to improve electricity supply within its DISCO areas.