Kuwait to install prepay meters in shops and apartments


October 8, 2009 – The main objective of the system is to collect the revenue ahead of power consumption for the aim of controlling energy consumption"  the Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs Eng. Jasem Al-Lanqawi said.

The senior official yet affirmed that any attempts of robbery or misuse of electricity will be followed up.. This system will be apllied all over the six governorates in Kuwait.  .

Earlier press reports had indicated that  the implementation of the new meter system will start by this year-end. He pointed out that up to 300,000 new power meters will be placed in apartments and shops. "Each meter is a keypad machine on itself. It has been tested to stand the harsh weather of Kuwait and would not be affected by dust," Al-Lanqawi explained.

He indicated that this device will be placed in each apartment through a keypad in order to streamline the recharging process. " It can be recharged through purchasing a card from any vendor machine and applying the pin number to the machine where it will be automatically recharged," he added.

The official said that Recharge cards will be made available to the public across the country with values that vary from one Kuwaiti dinar up to KD 1,000.

These cards do not have specific duration of validity as they are subject to the size of consumption," As Al-Lanqawi elaborated.

This move comes under a swath of measures approved by the Kuwaiti government in a campaign to collect overdue bills. This was clarified by Al-Lanqawi where he explained that these measures are not aimed at expatriates alone, but it will apply on all subscribers. Most apartments in the country are usually occupied by expatriates from various nationalities, as they cannot own homes in Kuwait.

He then went into the issue of electricity outage in Kuwait, saying that this issue is not about insufficiency of electricity power but because of the theft of the power which is concentrated mainly in areas like Julaib Al Shyoukh, and this causes extra consumption which gradually leads to a power cut-offs. Mainly this area is occupied by non-Kuwaitis (90 percent) and they use cables without a meter, thus they could disconnect a meter.