Landis+Gyr integrates voltage monitoring capabilities for utilities


The real-time monitoring capabilities affords utilities increased visibility into unexpected voltage variances that could have an impact of the quality of service for the end user. The company claims that its analytics capabilities also provide intelligence into the performance of weakened transformers and failing voltage regulators.

Just recently, US utility company CenterPoint Energy selected Landis+Gyr to improve management of its power distribution assets. [Itron and Landis+Gyr enhance smart meter connectivity]

The utility company will be equipped with Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics solution to manage and control the performance of its transformers.

[quote] The system will allow the utility firm to trace and manage power load on its transformers. CenterPoint said it believes the solution will help it improve service to its 2.3 million customers.

John Toubassi, director of Advanced Metering Systems at CenterPoint, commented: “Enhancing data analytics related to our distribution transformers not only increases our efficiency, but also provides proactive asset management strategies.”

The software will replace CenterPoint’s transformer load management system.

Real-time insight for improved grid management

Commenting on the added voltage monitoring capabilities, Dave Connaker, General Manager of Landis+Gyr’s Analytics Solutions, said: “Our existing voltage visualization solution leverages expertise at the edge of the grid to help grid operators visualize voltage levels across the entire system. [Distributed energy: Landis+Gyr unveils new platform for utilities]

“This new voltage monitoring functionality aids the utility to actively monitor dynamically changing conditions in real-time to improve reliability and system design.”

As distribution systems become more complex, utilities are challenged with ensuring the delivery of high-quality power to all points on their distribution systems. According to Landis+Gyr, utilities can access advanced visualization tools and interactive drill-down capabilities to quickly assess voltage profiles along a feeder and identify voltage conditions outside of target ranges. The voltage monitoring capability allows utilities to avoid power quality issues, minimize customer complaints and reduce field effort by providing more accurate guidance to line crews.