Managing Water Reserves Efficiently


Qonnectis plc, based in the UK and provider of remote monitoring and metering services to business users of energy and water, has via its local distributor been awarded a contract by the Water Utilities Corporation of Botswana (WUC) to implement its Qonnectis Network Internetbased water metering services at key sites within WUC’s network. An initial twelve sites will be connected, with up to 140 sites in total.

This represents Qonnectis’ second notable utility order outside Europe, and the first in continental Africa. The Water Utilities Corporation, which is whollyowned by the Botswana government, provides water supply management services within urban areas of Botswana. WUC operates along commercial lines and has been instrumental in meeting the water requirements of major development projects, which in turn have contributed immensely to the economic growth of the country.

This contract was awarded following a successful field trial in Botswana which captured critical water management data. Water is a finite and scarce resource in Botswana, due to the country’s semi-arid climate, and it is crucial that water reserves are managed efficiently to ensure that WUC is able to meet both current and future demand.