Mastering ecological and economic challenges together


A powerful player – DIEHL Metering – has appeared on the international metering scene, but behind the new name are old established companies. We spoke to the CEO of DIEHL Metering Mr. Johannes Sappa.

DIEHL Metering — who is this new player in the metering industry?
The former HYDROMETER Group has been renamed DIEHL Metering as part of creating a new strategic basis for its international activities. Currently ten corporate units with 1,500 employees worldwide produce an annual turnover of some 200 million Euros. Industry insiders will surely know some of the names: HYDROMETER, HYDROMETER Electronic, HYDROMETER Shandong Metering, SAPPEL, SAPPEL do Brasil, MIROMETR, MOM, EWT, DIEHL Middle East and DIEHL Energy Solutions. Together we produce and sell more than 6 million meters and 3.5 million radio modules a year, which makes us the world’s AMR leader in the market segments of water and thermal energy.

Master city

Smart is the future: even complex consumption situations or large areas are read fully automatically — for highly economic and environment-friendly use of water and energy.

What are the advantages of this international merger?
We act on the knowledge that the great ecological and economic challenges of our time can only be mastered globally and jointly. Our intelligent metering contributes to handling natural resources and energy in a responsible way. The international cooperation enables our customers to profit from a comprehensive spectrum of products and services, solutions proved in many years of service, maximum investment security and a variety of synergies.

How important is Smart Metering?
People’s responsibility to nature and succeeding generations means they must learn to use water and energy more efficiently to help reduce CO2 emissions. Full consumption transparency is a fundamental requirement for this and the name of the solution is clearly Smart Metering. Besides the ecological benefit, Smart Metering offers lucrative opportunities for utilities: smart data can be used to develop services for new areas of business, improve network utilisation and particularly for multi-utility customers enormously increase overall process efficiency.

DIEHL metering

Geared to energy efficiency: DIEHL Metering combines old-established metering companies from all over the world — and creates new ideas in Smart Metering.

What role will DIEHL Energy Solutions play here?

Our youngest corporate unit specifically serves the requirements of the Smart Metering market. DIEHL Energy Solutions supplies everything from one source for Automatic Meter Reading of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity: from water and energy meters, system components, software and complete turnkey solutions to services for energy utilities and end consumers. The aim is to make more out of energy. With this in mind, DIEHL Energy Solutions also acts as consultant to help energy utilities get fit for the growing legislative requirements and for the great opportunities offered by smart metering.

Mr Sappa, do you still make normal meters?
The manufacture of water and energy meters is still the basis of DIEHL Metering, but all newly developed meters are supplied as standard with communication interfaces. Our range will be completed with our own gas and electricity meters. As metering specialist with more than 150 years of tradition we attach great importance to quality – a claim we do not give up even at times of growing competitive pressure and economic prices. For example, our innovative ultrasonic water meter HYDRUS has been developed completely in Germany and is also produced there. After all, metering is a matter of precision!