Meter tampering a worldwide problem


kuwait flag webKuwait City, Kuwait — (METERING.COM) — April 4, 2007 – Kuwait is just one of many countries facing the problem of unauthorized use of energy by consumers, resulting in revenue loss for utilities. The Ministry of Energy is, however, taking steps to reduce these losses.

One of the causes of the problem has been access to customer premises to read the meters. Most old buildings in the kingdom had the energy meters located inside the dwelling, and if entry is refused the utility has no way of knowing how much power is being consumed. There have been cases where an inspector has insisted on being given access to read the meter, and the occupants of the dwelling have laid charges of assault against him. To solve this, all new buildings today are fitted with meters on the outside.

The Ministry also encounters difficulties when it comes to prosecuting the thieves, many of whom are highly creative when it comes to thinking of ways to tamper with a meter. The Ministry’s own personnel are not able to arrest those caught in the act; instead they have to apply for an ‘arresting case’ from the Ministries of Commerce and the Interior. This can take quite some time, and is a route that is therefore not often followed, meaning that energy thieves are seldom prosecuted.