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While water is essential for life (and arguably the most valuable resource), electricity is the more desirable commodity. Paradoxically, consumers appear to be more willing to pay for electricity than for water supplied. It is realistic to say that it has taken almost 20 years to establish the culture of paying for electricity, and this culture has not yet been accepted by all customers. Many do everything they can to circumvent supply conditions and avoid paying for electricity, and there is still a long way to go before the culture of paying for “public” or “city” water is established throughout Africa.

At the same time there is an expectation that the most modern technology should be installed to obtain the best results for utilities. However, technology alone cannot provide all the desired outcomes. In many cases the culture and environment are not conducive to the use of higher levels of technology. In addition utilities have to compete for scarce human and technology resources to ensure optimum metering and billing activities.

Metering, Billing and CRM/CIS Africa 2005 is now in its sixth year and will highlight the latest strategic and technological developments in the metering, billing and CRM/CIS industry for electricity, water and gas utilities, where stakeholders can meet, share common experiences, give project updates and discover solutions to address the challenges.

This event has taken place previously in Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Cairo and Nigeria and has established itself as the annual meeting for the African customer-end technology sector. It forms part of the global series of metering, billing and CRM/CIS events which take place annually in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Africa and the Americas. More details can be obtained from

Event Highlights Include:

  • Prepayment Technical Tour
  • Powerstation Technical Tour

Operated in conjunction with:

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South African Prepayment Week