Smart Energy International Excellence Award to Conlog

Durban, South Africa — (METERING.COM) — February 24, 2010 – South African prepayment and revenue management solution provider Conlog is the recipient of Smart Energy International’s Excellence Award for Africa for 2010.

The Award, which was presented in the opening session of the annual 2010 African Utility Week, recognizes Conlog’s Customer Service Portal, which through sophisticated process automation, knowledge base management, and the availability of customer self-service through the customer web portal, enables the company’s support team to resolve issues more efficiently and thereby deliver superior customer service.

Customers may use the Service Portal to enter new incidents and view the status of existing ones, to search the knowledge base, and to have online web conversations with the support team. Support engineers use the portal to manage the incident resolution process, to build and search the knowledge base, and to have web conversations with customers. Development teams use the portal to monitor new product releases for incident trends, and to identify problem areas and specific defects to focus on for future releases, while support managers use the portal to manage the support team’s workload and track performance metrics, to monitor high priority incidents, and to identify critical problem trends. All incidents that breach their SLA threshold are elevated to support managers

Further, sales account managers use the portal to monitor the status of their customers’ incidents, to stay informed when customers submit new incidents, and to search the knowledge base.

Conlog receives over 1,000 support requests and customer initiated tasks per month.