Lagos rolls out 5k smart meters

In West Africa, Nigeria’s long awaited meter installation programme appears to have begun at a small scale with the deployment of smart meters to 5,000 homes with the Lagos region.

Energy company Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) told media at the weekend it had distributed advanced metering units to three districts of Lagos.

Mr Amoda said that Eko borrowed the funds for the scheme from a banking institution, adding that the rollout would be in batches as the bank released funds.

He said: “We have commenced the installation of smart meters in Orile, Mushin and some part of FESTAC Town.

“It is a gradual process, let me assure you all that every electricity consumer in EKEDC will be metered free of charge.”

Meeting Nigeria’s metering gap

Chinedu Nebo announces 1m free prepaid metersIn January 2015, reported that Minister of Power Chinedu Nebo had pledged a giveaway of one million meters.

Mr Nebo said the government planned to “use its lean resources to procure one million meters so that more Nigeri­ans will break away from estimated billing and make it a thing of the past.”

Nebo said the government was “embarking on a special intervention” by procuring most of the meters made by local manufacturers and giving them to electricity distribution companies (discos) to distribute free of charge to customers.

Filling Nigeria’s metering gap, estimated at 50 million units, has suffered many set backs including the disappearance of a N2.9 billion (US$17m) pot of Federal funds earmarked for a national metering scheme in 2014.

The metering intervention fund, created in 2011, was unaccounted for in a “crime against consumers”, according to regulatorNigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission chairman Dr Sam Amadi.