More prepayment meters for Turkey


Prepayment gas and water metering projects were first piloted in Turkey in 1995, and numbers have been growing ever since. There are currently 750,000 two-way communication smart-card operated gas and water meters installed in the country.

Now Ankara Gas Distribution Utility (EGO) and Ankara Water Distribution Utility (ASKI) have placed an order with digital meter manufacturers Elektromed Ltd. for 250,000 prepayment gas meters and 300,000 prepayment water meters. The contract includes an option for the delivery of an additional 75,000 gas and 100,000 water meters.

Elektromed will complete the project on a turnkey basis within 18 months, which includes the installation of the meters. At that stage the total number of prepayment meters manufactured, installed and operated by the company will have reached 1.5 million units.