Multi utility metering solution for the Souk of Beirut


An integrated solution for water, chilled water, heating, electricity and gas

The growing ecological and economic challenges demand interoperability of intelligent, real data metering solutions to guarantee customers ultimate flexibility, long-term stability and compatibility with future requirements.

However, when it comes to a seamless integration of multi resources in combination with frequent data readings, AMR solutions are very often complex and difficult to implement on one platform. We are pleased to outline our approach, the challenges and the solutions implemented based on the following example.

The Beirut Souks are located in the heart of downtown Beirut, Lebanon, and comprise two parts, South Souks and North Souks, accommodating some 500 jewellery shops, galleries, mall, grocery shop, IMAX cinema complex, science and museum. The Souk of Beirut with a built-over area of 120,000 m² is one of the largest shopping malls in the MENA region. Solidere, the developer and owner of this project, is well known in connection with Development and Reconstruction of Beirut Central District s.a.l.


Ultrasonic Water Meter HYDRUS,
Ultrasonic Energy Meter SHARKY,
Digital Electricity Meter,

Especially in the MENA Region, where water resources are extremely scarce and CO2 emissions are increasing year by year, the overall metering solution must address more than just ordinary measurement of the individual resources. The solution has to provide detailed information on the consumption profile, network problems, leakages and manipulation/frauds together with multi tariff metering and reporting systems. The aim is to provide adequate measures for optimized operation, customer orientation to ultimately avoid waste, and to enable the wise and efficient use of resources in line with the requirements of LEED and Green Building initiatives.

In order to understand all the project needs, HYDROMETER in cooperation with its local partner, KHATER Engineering & Trading s.a.l., carried out a thorough business study incorporating best practice models and its consultancy know-how. The proposal covered

  • Hardware management
  • Data management
  • Account management
  • Revenue management
  • Environmental considerations

The right product for the right market! The MENA Region has different environmental and installation requirements than Western Europe and therefore needs corresponding solutions. Based on long-term analysis and subsequent large-scale deployments in this region, the following technologies were selected:

  • Water Metering: Ultrasonic Water Meter HYDRUS©, a class D meter with a dynamic of Q1 : Q3 = 1 : 400 and integrated real data M-BUS interface
  • Thermal Energy Metering: Ultrasonic Energy Meter SHARKY©, a class 2 meter with dynamic of qi : qp = 1 : 250 and integrated real data M-BUS interface
  • Electricity Metering: Digital Electricity Meter, a class 1 meter with dual tariff system and integrated real data M-BUS interface
  • AMR Hardware: IZAR-CENTER©, an intelligent M-BUS master of the latest generation, which not only continuously analyses the system consistency but also validates the meter readings and transfers the data using all media available (LAN, WIFI, GPRS). 
  • AMR Software: IZAR@NET, a powerful AMR and AMM software solution, which ensures a seamless integration of all resources and future expansion, thanks to its modular structure.

Multi Utility Smart Metering is very often regarded as an isolated requirement for utilities. However, an increasing number of projects and developments require independent multi-resource metering and AMR solutions for their efficient and economical operation.

With the integrative solution deployed in the Souk of Beirut, Solidere, the owner and operator of the project, received a holistic turn-key solution that ensures correct measurement of all media and consumption-based billing for the tenants. The open system architecture allows future expansion using wire-based or wireless technologies. No stranded assets – smart in solutions©!

Statement by Project Director
Habib Ghaziri “The Souks Project is equipped with latest metering technology from HYDROMETER, enabling the seamless measurement and monitoring of electricity, cooling, heating, gas and water and ensuring appropriate and fair billing according to each tenant’s consumption. The capability of the IZAR@NET© data management software and the smart metering system optimizes the operation and production costs and contributes to today’s ecological requirements. The solution provided jointly by Khater Engineering & Trading s.a.l. and HYDROMETER GmbH was successfully accomplished and met the high quality standards and expectations of Solidere”.