Muscat Electricity Distribution Company launches prepay electricity in Oman


Muscat Electricity Distribution Company has launched its prepay electricity system, SABIQ – which implies “preparedness, convenience and peace of mind” – becoming the first company in Oman to offer this service.

According to a company statement, a prepay meter offering is in line with MEDC’s efforts to make use of new technologies that will help in providing better services and better control of electricity consumption, as well as encouraging an energy saving lifestyle.

“From the heart of Muscat we celebrate the launch of prepaid electricity meters which will surely be a qualitative leap in the services offered to customers,” said MEDC CEO, Eng. Abdullah bin Said al Badri, at the launch of SABIQ. “The new initiative is part of a series of initiatives through which the company seeks to provide better services to customers and promote a lifestyle of energy conservation.”

The launch of SABIQ follows a two-year period of trials aimed to ensure that the meter works smoothly and meets the needs and expectation of MEDC’s customers.

To support the service a network of more than 1,200 meter recharge distributors has been established at malls, shopping centers, fuel stations etc., across Muscat. In emergencies, credit is available through the company call center, which is then deducted from the customer’s next recharge.

The prepay service is available on request by customers, who also receive a home display unit for monitoring their consumption. In order to encourage customers to switch to prepayment, the prepay tariffs are identical to the post pay tariffs.

Customers with arrears may switch to prepay, organizing for their debt to be deducted from SABIQ in monthly deductions over an agreed period of time.