New generation prepayment solution

Landis+Gyr has launched the latest Cashpower prepayment metering solution – the Gem CM (single meter), Gemini CSM (split meter) and Power-Rail meter. The Gem CM is a single-phase, two-wire meter which complies with the British Standard (BS) footprint, with a local customer interface integral to the meter. This allows the easy upgrade of previous credit meter systems where the BS base was used, such as Ferraris meters.

The Gemini CSM is also a single-phase, two-wire meter compliant with the BS footprint, but has a remote customer interface unit (CIU) which allows the energy management unit to be mounted remotely, while the CIU is located inside the customer’s premises. This arrangement reduces fraud, and allows access to the meter without having to gain entry to a customer’s premises.

The Cashpower Power-Rail combines the technology of the Gemini split meter with the flexibility of DIN-standard, rail-mounted installation. It has galvanically isolated communication between the CIU and EMU for enhanced customer safety, and a significant reversed energy (SRE) feature which can be activated to prevent tampering with supply cables.