An agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria this week called on electricity distribution companies to support local meter manufacturers by buying Nigerian-made modules for mandated meter rollout programmes, reports Daily Independent in Lagos.

Managing director Peter Ewesor of the Electricity Management Service, a government-owned company under the Ministry of Power created during privatisation, said by buying locally, discos would ensure knowledge transfer, conserve foreign exchange and create jobs.

Speaking during a visit to some equipment manufacturers in Lagos, Mr Eweso also challenged electricity equipment manufacturers to ensure their products meet local standards and said “Nigeria would no longer be a dumping ground for substandard equipment”.

Eweso added: “No meter imported into the country will be allowed to go straight into installation without passing through the test for validation.”

In a move that will please campaigners pushing for local content in the country’s nascent privatised power sector, Eweso said stakeholders shouldn’t “”allow foreigners to take over our local market in meter manufacturing”.

EMS was created to champion standards in the metering sector of Nigeria’s manufacturing industry.

Ewesor said :”The mandate of the company, according to the minister [of power], includes providing all needed ancillary and support services to the Nigerian electricity supply industry which include engineering laboratory, meter test stations, central stores system as well as testing and certification of major electrical equipment.

“Other activities include providing the platform for standardisation in the industry, archiving the power sector data and information management.”

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