Nigerian Meter Code discussed at forum


April 20, 2010 – Officials from the NERC, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), independent power producers, electricity consumers in the country met to discuss the metering code and charges related to meter installation and connections.

Imamudeen Talba, the administrator of NERC, explained that "the principal objectives of the metering code are to ensure accurate measurement recording, and data management of electric energy utilisation."

Mr. Talba stated that the 9-man metering committee which was inaugurated on 8 October, 2009 and has two year tenure "is to monitor the effective implementation of the code in order to achieve its objectives."

Emmanuel Ezekwere, the Chairman of the ‘metering committee’ of the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) said "if you ask a customer to pay for a meter, you are double-charging him." The NERC official, who is also the head of engineering services and safety of the commission, explained that the cost of the meter had been embedded in the Multi Year Tariff Order (MYTO) formulated by the commission in 2008. The MYTO stipulates the amount to be paid for electricity by various categories of consumers.

Kabir Tijani, an electricity consumer, complained that the forum would have been more successful if more Nigerians had been made aware of it. Mr. Tijani explained that he would not have known that meters were not to be paid for if he had not attended.

"I believe the attendance should have been expanded. With additional participation, you would have gained a lot more." Mr. Tijani explained that the committee and NERC should do more to publicise the metering code.

Mr. Ezekwere, the committee secretary, in his response, explained that its work was on-going and that the recommendations from the forum and others to be organised would be included in any revision of the metering code.