Pakistan smart meters: MTI project for gov billing


The Lahore-based technology firm states that the AMI project aims to reconcile the electricity billing done by the utilities of all the government workplaces, by deploying CT operated smart meter technology and Head-End System.

According to a company statement, the primary objective of the smart meter deployment is to reconcile and compare the electricity billing of the provincial government connections, with that of bills served by the utilities to reduce the billing disputes.

MicroTech Industries (MTI) is also mandated to introduce advanced meter infrastructure and other technologies in areas with strong potential for performance improvement, as well as, work to improve billing, collection and revenue management.

MTI’s solution includes a combination of smart components, designed and tested to be field proven. The solution is on par with local requirements and claims the solution to be easy to use, flexible, scalable and interoperable.

For this project, MTI is also providing meter installation services all across Punjab.

GPRS-enabled smart meter solution

The key components of MTI’s smart energy solution comprise GPRS enabled LT Type smart energy meters, MTI Smart Eye MDC and MTI Galaxy.

The GPRS enabled smart energy meters will provide important data and information that facilitate automatic collection of metering and billing data.

[quote] The smart meters are advanced three-phase multi-tariff LT type static energy meters, equipped with GPRS communication capability for smart metering.

The MTI Smart Eye MDC, is a tool that receives and stores a stream of metering data (meter reads, instantaneous, peak load, events, alarms) which can be easily retrieved by the customer on schedule and demand basis.

The third component is a web-enabled user interface application, MTI Galaxy. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows end-users to monitor consumer load profiles and other metering data stored in the data base through any web enabled device.

The application is also designed in a way that allows users to generate various types of graphical and tabular report. At a single point in time, several users can access the application using an authorised user ID and password.

MTI Network Operation Center

As part of the project, MTI will also set up a Network Operation Center (NOC) at the clients designated site. Moreover, hands-on training will be provided to both the management/end users and IT staff. This will enable the customer to become self-reliant in the use of system.

The smart metering solution is expected to streamline and foster the reconciliation of billing systems, adequately reduce the billing disputes, improve the performance of the system and on time realisation of electricity bills.

Moreover, the solution will also help management with various critical reports such as load profiles, peak and off-peak energy consumption, MDI comparison and CT-By Pass Report.

image credit: MicroTech Industries