Polish and Israeli utilities cooperate on cybersecurity


The Polish power grid operator PSE said on Tuesday that it will cooperate with Israel Electric Corporation Limited to fight potential cyber threats in the energy sector.

The Polish utility said the Israeli utility was a leader in its region in the cybersecurity field.

PSE started a computer emergency response team (CERT) at the end of 2016 to help maintain cybersecurity. The special unit has already started cooperation with its counterparts in the United States and Norway.

“We gain an experienced partner, effective in fighting cybercrime. This is extremely important at a time when cybercriminals and cyber-terrorists develop cooperation among themselves and create more and more advanced tools of attacks,” PSE Chief Executive Eryk Klossowski was quoted as saying in a statement.

PSE had said in the past that its IT systems are being regularly targeted by cybercriminals, but the attempts are successfully repelled.

Clearsky Cybersecurity posted the following in 2017 regarding the continued attacks against the Israel Electric Corporation:

“Attackers have been trying to breach IEC (Israel Electric Company) in a year-long campaign.

From April 2016 until at least February 2017,  attackers have been spreading malware via fake Facebook profiles and pages, breached websites, self-hosted and cloud-based websites. Various artifacts indicate that the main target of this campaign is IEC – Israel Electric Company. These include domains, file names, Java package names,  and Facebook activity. We dubbed this campaign “Operation Electric Powder“.

“It is notable that the operational level and the technological sophistication of the attackers are not high. Also, they are having hard time preparing decoy documents and websites in Hebrew and English. Therefore, in most cases a vigilant target should be able to notice the attack and avoid infection.”