Prepayment for Sierra Leone


Zubairu Kalokoh,
General Manager,
Freetown, Sierra Leone — (METERING.COM) — January 16, 2009 – Sierra Leone’s National Power Authority (NPA) expects to install around 20,000 prepay meters during 2009, general manager Zubairu Kalokoh has been quoted as saying.

The aim, according to Kalokoh speaking to the local press, is to replace all electromechanical/credit meters in the central and west of the capital, Freetown, with prepay meters. The meters should address the growing problem of revenue collection, reduce the cost of meter reading staff, and above all improve overall efficiency in the operations of the Authority.

The NPA plans to allocate 16 staff members to the prepay meter deployment and expects to install around 1,600 meters per month. Phase 1 will comprise the installation of 15,000 single phase and 5,255 three phase meters in the Central zone. Phase 2 will comprise 8,500 single phase and 4,583 three phase meters in the West zone.

The prepay meters are being supplied by the Polish company Grupa Apator.