Radio based remote reading system shows fortitude in Greenland


The Greenland based utility Nukissiorfiit will replace all consumption meters in Greenland with intelligent Kamstrup electricity meters connected to a radio based automated reading system, in a project scheduled for completion in 2012.

The project comprises 46,000 metering points in a combined system for electricity, water and heat consumption. 34,000 of these are electricity meters.

The project is unique. For the first time a single automated reading system will handle consumption data of an entire country. A country where the exceptional climatic and geographical challenges and the often non-existing infrastructure makes remote reading via radio a natural, simple and economically viable solution.

A pilot project was carried out in the spring of 2007 in the small village of Sarfannguaq – 40 km north of the polar circle. Two radio concentrators collect data and transmit via GSM/ GPRS to a central server located 3,400 km away.


The consumption data is logged every 15 minutes and stored in a logger module. The data is transmitted once a day to the central database. These precise and frequent meter readings empower Nukissiorfiit to monitor consumption patterns and to estimate load profiles.


Each meter holds a router function for up to 70 other meters. In case the connection between 2 meters is blocked, these extra router functions assure that every meter can be reached via several different routes.


The radio based solution is a convenient, low cost, independent network with high flexibility. Furthermore, radio communication is unaffected by overloads and disturbances in the grid.


The two-way communication between meter and utility enables Nukissiorfiit to optimize their daily operation, and to lower costs associated with customer requests such as disconnection and reconnection of the power supply.