Rwandan government issues tender for prepayment meters

prepayment meters
The government of Rwanda has issued a tender for the supply of 5,000 split single phase prepayment meters and 500 three phase prepayment meters for the implementation of its EASSDP project

In Africa, the government of Rwanda has issued a tender for the supply of pre-payment meters and House Connections Accessories.

The release of the tender follows a decision by the Government of Rwanda to apply a share of the loan it received from the International Development Association (IDA), towards the implementation of the Electricity Access Scale-up and Sector Wide Approach Development Project (EASSDP).

Interested parties to supply the 5,000 split single phase prepayment meters, 500 three phase prepayment meters and accessories, can contact EASSDP at, telephone  (250) 573666 or fax  (250) 573802 to purchase the bidding document.

Deadline for submission of sealed hard copies of the proposals at address Electricity Access Scale-up and Sector Wide Approach Development Project (EASSDP), EARP Head quarter, Kigali City Tower, 6th Floor is on 22 December, 2015.

The Electricity Access Scale-up and Wide Approach Development Project

According to the World Bank, the objective of the EASSDP for Rwanda is to improve access to reliable and cost-effective electricity services for households and priority public institutions.

The US$80 million World Bank funded program has three components namely :

  • The National Grid rollout component.
  • Green connections component financing a range of activities to improve affordability for the consumers and reduce the need for additional generation resources.
  • Technical assistance, capacity strengthening, and implementation support component funding technical assistance and capacity building to ensure adequate management of the NEAP and SWAP

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