Salt River Project takes steps to improve customer service


Michael Lowe,
Customer Services
Executive, Salt
River Project
Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 16, 2008 – Salt River Project, the third-largest public power utility in the United States, has selected NICE Systems’ SmartCenter solutions to help it manage and support the growth of its contact centers, which receive more than three million calls per year. NICE Systems is a global provider of advanced analytics solutions, headquartered in Israel.

The NICE SmartCenter solutions will enable SRP to recognize economies of scale and reduce integration issues by working with one solutions provider for quality management (QM), interaction analytics, and workforce management. The NICE solutions will replace competing systems in SRP’s VoIP contact centers.

SRP has recently opened a new contact center to address the needs of its nearly one million water and power customers. In the process of expanding, SRP has opted to replace the existing systems at the original site, as well as implement new contact center technology in the new site. By utilizing the capabilities of the NICE SmartCenter solutions, SRP’s contact center management can improve agent behaviors for increased customer satisfaction, address the key business issues that impact call center management effectiveness and efficiency, and better align the business with the strategic goals of the enterprise.

"The growth and development of the Phoenix area have increased the number of calls to our contact centers, and we want to be sure that SRP maintains its high standards for customer service while further improving efficiencies," said Michael Lowe, Customer Services Executive, Salt River Project. "We’re confident that the NICE solutions will help us maintain outstanding telephone service to customers while we continue to grow rapidly."

NICE’s Interaction Analytics solution will enable SRP to improve contact center operational efficiency and drive strategic enterprise initiatives such as improving customer loyalty and retention, and increasing sales and marketing effectiveness. QM from NICE will provide SRP with the ability to improve agent performance, customer satisfaction, and training effectiveness. The IEX TotalView system, NICE’s workforce management solution, will simplify scheduling of agents and increase efficiency by ensuring that the right agents –and the right number of agents — are working at the right times.