Saudi Electricity Company expands partnership with GE to reduce OPEX


The two technical agreements are for joint research, development and installation of solutions to boosts the efficiency and productivity of Saudi Electricity Company’s gas-fired energy generation turbines.

Khalid Al-Rashed, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Projects, SEC, said, “The first agreement aims to promote research that will help reduce the cost of power generation and power plant maintenance. The second will focus on installing a new system of fuel additives in gas turbines to reduce the water-washing cycle and increase capacity by reducing the amount of ash that results from fuel consumption during the power generation process.

“The agreements highlight our commitment to leverage advanced technologies to reduce costs and dependence on oil resources, and to meet environmental standards.”

The agreements form part of an on-going commitment by the two to jointly develop local solutions addressing challenges within Saudi’s energy landscape and to help the utility improve its services to 8.8 million consumers.

Eissa Aqeeli, CEO of GE Power Services in Saudi Arabia, said the development will help SEC to improve its operations; the country to achieve goals set under Vision 2030 and increase the number of energy professionals in the country.

Previously, the two launched the Generation and Optimisation Center which makes use of digital solutions developed by GE to improve the reliability and efficiency of 16 power generators owned by the Saudi Electricity Company through real-time monitoring and analysing operational data. The power plants monitored from the center provides SEC with 70% of its total energy capacity.

Management of energy networks

Meanwhile, Exelon made an announcement that it will employ GE’s software suite to help its six utility subsidiaries to monitor the performance of energy transmission and distribution infrastructure.

The use of the Predix software by Exelon is part of efforts by the energy company to improve services to over 10 million consumers in 48 US states, the District of Columbia and in Canada.

The use of the software suite will enable the companies to integrate data regarding consumer energy consumption, the performance of grid system and weather monitoring to predict future energy demand and the occurrence of power outages.

“Every day, we are working to create a smarter electric grid that provides superior service and resiliency for the communities we serve, and working with GE’s digital solutions helps us drive efficiency for our customers while delivering affordable power,” said Carim Khouzami, chief financial officer of Exelon Utilities.

This in turn, will help Exelon to improve maintenance of its energy infrastructure and to quickly restore services in the event of failures during storms.


Image Credit: 123rf.