Schneider appoints new CTO to drive IT/OT convergence


The appointment of Prith Banerjee is in line with Schneider’s diversified focus to enter the “new world of smart industry,” writes Design News.

Prior to his appointment as chief technology officer, Mr Banerjee worked for HP labs, focussing on sustainable data centres.

He also worked for ABB where he examined energy management systems for buildings, as well as management consulting and technology services company Accenture where he concentrated on IoT.

In an interview with Design News, Banerjee said: “Jean-Pascal [Tricoire, chairman and CEO] is taking the company to the forefront of technology in a space that is most important to the world.

“If you look at the problems facing the planet, like food and water, energy is at the core. These are societal issues, these are things that matter.”

IT/OT convergence for IoT

At Schneider, Banerjee will evaluate the company’s resources – US$30 billion company with 170,000 employees and a US$1.5 billion R&D budget with a view to increase collaboration and ROI.

Design News states that in any R&D-driven organisation, there is a need to “deepen competency centers, maintain cohesive teams, and cross-pollinate knowledge.”

The new CTO states also that at the core of IT/OT convergence is the breaking down of functional silos that plague many companies.

He also sees opportunity for leveraging expertise across the company’s lines of business – a process he calls “mutualizing”.

The articles also states that with 19 million product assets, Schneider’s various lines including circuit breakers, transformers, switchgears, panels, and power electronics, “could potentially become smart in the IoT”.

It adds: “Onboard devices could read voltages, current, temperatures and transmit them to the cloud, where they can be stored and analysed.”