Seychelles targets energy efficiency in state buildings


According to a local publication, the unveiled programme Smart Energy in public spaces will supplement the Seychelles Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programme (SEEREP) to help the country meet growing energy demands due to increases in population and economic activities.

SEEREP is an energy management initiative providing residential households and small businesses with loans to install low-energy consuming appliances and energy management technologies.

Under the Smart Energy in public spaces initiative, the Seychelles government has set a target to install 10,000 LED streetlights in Mahe, Praslin and La Dique islands by 2020.

The programme will provide solar pvs and other energy efficient appliances for installation in schools to reduce energy costs on the main grid.

At a later stage, the programme will be expanded to cover medical facilities.

The Smart Energy in public spaces is part of a $74,000 budget allocated to the Seychelles Energy Commission by the government for the development of an energy efficiency project.

Di Dier Dogley, the minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, said the launch of the programme will help the East African island chain to reduce its budget allocated to cover energy costs. 12% of the islands’ annual budget is directed towards importing fuels used to generate 90% of the total energy used by all consumers.

In addition, the programme will help Seychelles to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, expand its renewable energy portfolio and modernise the grid network in line with emerging smart grid technologies.

Energy efficiency funding and project deployment

Meanwhile, in the US, the New York state government issued $1.4 million in funding for the city of Albany to implement three energy efficiency programmes.

The $1.4 million funding announced by the New York state government will be used by the city to fund a $500,000 initiative, which includes the connection of 22 municipal buildings to the New York Power Authority’s Energy Manager (NYEM). Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.